A dollar retained is more valuable than a dollar recovered.  We have aligned our services and technologies to allow you to prevent future losses and maximize your revenue recovery during our engagement. 

Wireless Account Management & Spend Optimization


Accounts Payable Audit​


Sales & Use Tax​


Contract Compliance


Spend Optimization



Determining taxability on purchased items and services within the healthcare industry can be a confusing and time-consuming effort.   SpendMend tackles the burden of navigating these extensive and ever-changing rules to identify issues, update your item master, recover excise and sales and use tax over-payments. SpendMend's process of analyzing 100% of all tax paid to vendors and taxing authorities will ultimately identify refund opportunities, validate all exemptions or credits have been claimed, and will negotiate and secure tax refunds.

By understanding the entire procure-to pay process, we are able to use our in-depth knowledge of data, combined with a complete review of all negotiated contract terms, to ensure our clients are truly receiving the economic benefit of their negotiations.  As part of this review, we provide our clients a holistic view of the supplier relationship, and provide insights to improve the contracting process.

Controlling and monitoring price-changes, in addition to adhering to contract terms and conditions, challenges every organization. SpendMend offers a comprehensive contract compliance process examining the entire process from:


Contract – Purchase Order – Receiving – Invoice


We offer a much better view into the data to ensure you gain maximum value from your contracts.

We use insights from your organization and vendor landscape to help you retain more revenue.  Because of our experience with commercial businesses, higher education and some of the largest health systems along with our elite data mining capabilities we are able to pin point the control gaps and provide opportunities for improvement.  

Unparalleled views into your spend data.   We offer a proven suite of analytics that provide actionable insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions that save money and improve operations.

We return time along with your recovery audit dollars.  We deploy a proven 5-step process that yields more than lost revenue.  Our Accounts Payable Audit provides  actionable insight into improvements and root cause of the leakage.

Management of handheld wireless devices is fraught with daily headaches and challenges such as: Personal changes, Rate management, and International travel.

These are just a few of the challenges you face, and maybe this isn't even your full time job. 

We'd like to help.  At SpendMend, we have perfected the blend of technology with a human touch. Our wireless account management team can remove the burden of the daily hassles and provide you with clean monthly reporting of how smoothly your devices are being managed.  We can even look for savings with other wireless or digital services.


What Others Are Saying

"SpendMend’s innovative process appears to leave no stone unturned and has identified and recovered significant dollars".

Controller // Regional Health System​


Higher Education

 We have helped some of the largest health systems and universities save millions in revenue and more importantly improve operational control gaps that caused the financial leakage. 

 We can do the same for you.  Want to know how?


  Like most organizations oriented to improving the human experience, process improvement begins with identification and  examination.  Our data analytics will reveal the opportunities hidden within your spend data.  It’s deep data science with a human touch.  Just like higher education and healthcare. 







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Over the years we have created a unique culture. One focused on going the extra mile for our clients to find what was lost and show them ways to improve.​



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