Dark Data

& Security

Disparate systems, lack of compliance, and vendor practices are just a few examples of Dark Data.  Our process shines a light into your system exposing the control gaps.  Only by uncovering the Dark Data can you understand the full impact of financial leakage.  We give you control by turning the Dark Data into information that you can use for performance management.  Then, you have a clear picture for managing and improving your financial system.​

Knowledge is power.  It is impossible to correct what is not known.  Bringing light to Dark Data buried within disparate systems removes the unknown and obscurity. Our SpendMend Process was developed to reveal Dark Data with Insightful Analytics, highlighting lost revenue and financial leakage sources providing a clear view into your organization.​


Bring Dark Data to Light

Only when you uncover the dark data within your disparate systems can you truly see the light.

Security is number one when handling our client's data.


SpendMend maintains redundant data centers that are SSAE 16 certified and HIPAA certified.  We also engage SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 examinations and scope controls on these data centers. 


Does your current provider take the same precautions? 


We maintain an Information Security Policy for our employees, require training in HIPAA security, and use only non-contract employees to manage your data.  All of this provides maximum stability and security for your data, because keeping your data safe is our priority and promise. 


When you choose SpendMend, your information data is protected with the most advanced data security in the industry.

Our auditors are employees not contractors.  This allows us to maintain improved stability and security.  Does your current provider do the same?

Dark Data covers up the extra processing your team is doing just to keep up.  We expose the control gaps at the source so your team can be lean and focused.

Dark Data comes into light through the SpendMend Information Factory, from initial extraction to information, our proven process will yield higher returns and shed light on the dark data hiding the control gaps. You will gain more savings and control with our insightful information.







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Over the years we have created a unique culture. One focused on going the extra mile for our clients to find what was lost and show them ways to improve.​



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